For Today, For Tomorrow and For Life with Fro Life

Fro Life Educational Planning provides college and career guidance to assist those looking to pursue higher education or investigate a new career path.

We offer personalized assistance with procedures needed to navigate these complex systems and help make the most informed decisions for college or career readiness.

Sophomores and Juniors should begin their planning process over the summer ahead of their junior and senior years.
3 Quick TIPS:
     1) Choose 2-3 colleges to visit locally
     2) Discuss your planning methods for paying for college (loans, grants, 529 College Plan)
     3) Discuss your high school program:
               a) favorite subjects
               b) will you target these subjects early in the college process?
               c) which classes do you want a break from?

Fro Life Educational Planning can provide clients with the following:

* College Major Selection Assistance

* College Selection

* Financial Aid Planning

* Course Selection Assistance

* AP, SAT, and ACT Preparation

* Employment Assistance

* Career Path Consultation

* On Campus Tours and Literature on

   many schools throughout the