The First Book in the Frobble Series - Frobble: The Brotherhood Opens the Door to Adventure and Friendship!

With a new sunrise, the day's chores beckon, not before a less than successful day of fishing. Just when Henry thought it would be a typical day, he is alerted to a distant cry. After a series of events, a new friendship is formed.

Through triumph and tragedy, pleasure and pain, a bond is forged that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Frederick Froehlich brings you the first installment of this new series!

This book is the first of a three part series about young Frobble; a lonely child left to fend for himself in the Followberry Woods. As luck would have it, Frobble finds his way into the home of the story's narrator, young Henry.

Sadness befalls the family resulting in Frobble and Henry facing extreme challenges and personal struggles as they find themselves finding their way through Brantor Manor, a boarding school for displaced children.

Follow Henry and Frobble as they navigate the perks and pitfalls of being outcasts in a new environment.

Born out of bedtime stories shared in the Froehlich household, the passion for children and friendship is found throughout the story.

Share Frobble's journey in Frobble: The Brotherhood

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